Happy ending massage

A happy ending massage – the crossover between erotic pleasure and a physically relieving therapy. Come try it, it’s impossible not to benefit eithe way.

There are countless ways to relax, but a happy ending massage definitely counts among the most pleasurable ones.

And the best way to experience it?

- From the hands of a beautiful and skilled masseuse, of course.

And the best place to experience it?

- Our massage parlour in Prague, a haven for all your desires.

A Happy Ending Massage at Our Parlour Spells Many Benefits

  • Beautiful girls. Youth and physical attractiveness – those are the qualities of each of our girls. But it’s not just a skin-deep beauty. You’ll be captivated by their cheerful nature and a friendly attitude, not to mention their professional skill!
  • Plenty of different massages to indulge in. We have something for everyone. You might lean more towards the erotic side, or you might prefer a full body relaxation. You might want to try exotic treatments or stay in your comfort zone. We have a solution tailored for everyone.
  • Bonus services. Make the most out of your treatment and try something extra! These sensual treats are bound to grant you even more pleasure!
  • Happy hours offer. From 10 AM to 3 PM, there are discounts to be enjoyed for nuru and standard erotic massages.
  • Escort services. Would you like to experience our treatments at home? There’s nothing simpler. Book an escort option and we’ll make it happen.
  • Free erotic taxi. Do you have friends who do not shirk from some sensual adventure? Bring them with you! We can dispatch an erotic taxi for 3-4 people to pick you up, completely free of charge!

We Can Arrange a Happy Ending for Everyone

While it’s true that it’s mostly straight men that tend to seek out our services the most, they are far from being the only demographic that gets to enjoy what we have to offer. At our parlour, we’ll be happy to welcome women as well. Both our male and female staff is ready to cater to all their needs and wishes – within reason, of course!

In addition to that, we can also provide gay massages. Our handsome and skilled masseurs are here for the very purpose.

Also, if you’d like to try one of our services together with your partner, you’re more than welcome to do so! A couple massage can be a relationship-cementing experience and you’d do well not to miss out on it!

We don’t bar anyone from getting due joy! Contact us and we’ll arrange what might suit you the most!

Looking For a Happy Ending in Prague? Your Search will Be Over at Our Parlour

Comfortable is just one word to describe it. The interior of our salon can be also mysterious, sumptuous, inviting, well-maintained and well-equipped with everything that you need to increase your delight to the maximum.

If nothing stops you, you should most definitely consider making the journey to us. We promise to repay it in full!

Choose Your Own Version of Our Prague Happy Ending

There are countless massages you can take your pick from, each with a distinct flavour, each suitable for something else. Let’s start with the basics! You can try for example:

Erotic massage.This is the default one, and for a good reason. Try it and you’re in for both a full-body, Swedish-style relaxation and a hearty dose of erotic teasing as well. Happy endings are guaranteed! This rubdown can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two whole hours – the choice is up to you.
Deep tissue massage. To address pains and strains deeply embedded in your muscles, try this professional, deep tissue treatment that comes with an added happy ending benefit!
Japanese massage.

A Shiatsu-inspired treatment, addressing the important energetic lines in your body while not losing track of your erotic needs.

Tantra massage.Personal, intimate approach and gentleness. The erotic stimulation is only a small part of what makes tantra worthwhile. This treatment can help you in ways that transcend the physical.

A penis massage derived from the broader tantra. Less focused on the whole body, more focused on the erogenous zones.

Those were the more “regular” of our treatments, but that’s not all we have in store!

Remember – you can choose all of our rubdowns in their four-hand variation, or as a couple massage!

Fancy Some of Our More Raunchy “Happy Massages”? Here They Come!

You might have heard of this extraordinary Japanese procedure, but until you've tried it, you know nothing! This body-to-body slippery massage, characterised by its raw sensuality and a use of a specialised seaweed gel, is something you should try at least once in your life!


Let two of our girls at the same time take you to paradise and back. Unique to our parlour, this rubdown will not disappoint! We don't want to disclose too much – discover its secrets with us!

Tantric massage

When it gets too hot in the summer months, make sure to try this one! A variation on a body to body massage, with an ice cube between you to cool things down.


Try something out of the box. Don't worry, even if you're not into BDSM that much, our version of this rubdown is somewhat toned down to be suitable for laymen (and laywomen) as well.


A foamy, soapy, body to body massage. Less slippery than nuru, but no less exciting – you shouldn't miss out on it!

In addition to your massage, you can enjoy a hot lesbi show performed by our beautiful girls.

Highway to Paradise.

Another of our body to body treatments, but this time, you'll be allowed to climax between the masseuse's breasts.


The best techniques taken from all of the above, mixed and wrapped up into a single sensual concert!

Try one, try all! There is a dimension of pleasure only our extra services can unveil!

Put Some More Surprises in Your Massage with a Surprise Ending!

Are you up for something more? Would you like to put something extra into your massage? Then don’t miss out on our bonus services!

  • Massage extension for 30 or more minutes
  • Prostate stimulation
  • Footjob
  • High heel massage
  • Tenga eggs
  • Lap dance

Or Find a Happy Ending at Your Own Home…

Remember our escort service offer? We can gladly provide all of our services at your own place, without you having to lift a finger. Well, a finger maybe – you have to call us or write to us first to make a booking!

Other than that, leave the rest to us! Once you’ve made your choice and provided us with your address and the time you wish to be visited, we’ll make sure to be there!

Your house, flat, hotel room or even an office are the places we’re willing to visit you in. Anywhere in Prague, we’ll be there! The only thing we ask of you is to make your place clean and hygienic before we arrive. At the very least, there should be a working shower inside.

Other than that, you can leave everything else to us. There’s no need to buy extra towels, lotions or any equipment – our therapist will bring everything necessary! Don’t forget our happy hours either – from 10AM until 3PM, the nuru and basic erotic massages are discounted!

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