Japanese Massage

A Japanese flair in the middle of Prague – enjoy a sensual Japanese massage, one of the most exciting procedures our parlour has to offer. This body to body rubdown will be unlike anything you’ve tried before.

What Japanese Massage Is And What To Expect

Also called a nuru massage, this treatment traces its origins to the Japanese red-light districts of the second half of the 20th century.

Following a ban on prostitution, the thrifty Japanese ladies of the night came up with a solution that would keep them in business. An erotic massage that would closely mimic the intimacy and closeness of the sexual act would at the same time not involve direct intercourse.

A so-called nuru massage was born, a massage that would change the erotic massage business for good.

During this procedure, both you and your masseuse are fully unclothed. Your body will be covered with warm nuru gel, a special substance that is pleasant on the skin and, above all, extremely slippery. This is important since the massage involves a great deal of close body contact.

You will lie down, first on your stomach and then on your back (or vice versa if you wish), and the masseuse will slide her naked body all over yours, combining these slides with multiple strokes and kneads to untangle and rejuvenate your tired muscles.

Naturally, part of this massage is the stimulation of your genital area as the masseuse’s body rubs against it, which can be followed by manual stimulation. As stated, there is no direct sexual intercourse, but the feeling you get from this rubdown is equally as pleasurable. This makes this rubdown so popular after all!

The Way It's Done By the Japanese - Oil Massage Versus Gel Massage

There is also similar body to body rubdowns that use oil instead of the special nuru gel. These massages are usually, in one form or another, variants of this original Japanese massage, the chief difference being that they use a massage oil instead of a more expensive and harder to acquire nuru gel.

They are perfectly fine in their own right and can be an interesting alternative to the Japanese original. However. the massage oils have a bit less slippery qualities and don’t have the same feel to them as the nuru gel does. The gel is created from nori seaweed, which gives it not only its extremely slippery properties but also a plethora of actual benefits for the skin. Furthermore, the gel does not make stains and is easily washed away in the shower after the massage is over.

Try out the power and benefits of the nuru gel massage yourself. Words can’t do this procedure justice – only the hands of our masseuses will.

Is Special Preparation Needed Before You Try Your First Japanese Hidden Massage?

In short, no, there’s nothing special you need to do to prepare for this procedure. You will be asked to take a shower at our parlour before it begins since hygiene is of utmost importance in all erotic massages, this one being no exception.

We also recommend you don’t come with too full a stomach, and also finish your business on the toilet in advance. Coming in drunk or under the influence of drugs is forbidden. Sexual advances and asking for direct sex is prohibited and it might result in ending the procedure immediately, so please be courteous and act like a gentleman.

Japanese Slippery Massage With a Happy Ending and More

This procedure, like all the others on our menu, includes the happy ending, meaning it culminates in a manually-induced orgasm. However, don’t get focused on the sexual aspect only. Nuru massage can offer more than just erotic relief, for example:
Complete relaxation for your whole body
A sense of closeness and intimacy
A sense of calmness and stress relief
All in all, you’re guaranteed to leave our parlour in a much better state than when you’ve entered!

Experience a Japanese Sensual Massage in Our Parlour

There’s no better place in Prague to get your massage than our parlour. Beautifully furnished and decorated private rooms, showers, bar, sumptuous lounge and other amenities are waiting for your visit. Come to us relaxed and in a good mood, enjoy the ambience of our parlour and the welcoming attitude of our staff before being entrusted into the care of a beautiful masseuse of your choice.

Choose the Right Professional For Your Japanese Sex Massage

Mutual trust and connection make this massage so much more worthwhile and memorable. Therefore it is important to choose the right girl from our ensemble of erotic masseuses. Each of these professionals is not only physically attractive and highly skilled in the art of erotic massage pleasure but is also kind, friendly and fun to be around. 

In this regard, they are all equal. However, a personal preference is a personal preference, and the final choice is yours. Browse through our gallery, peruse the girl’s profiles and pick the one that catches your eye the most. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, perhaps we could even arrange a little chat with the girl beforehand.

Beauty, professionalism and dedication to the art of pleasure. Those are our masseuses. Pick the one in whose hands you would like to end up.

Extra Services For Extra Fun

Each of our massages can benefit from the addition of one of the extra services we offer. Why not spice your nuru massage with the following:

  • Prostate stimulation
  • Footjob
  • Tenga egg
  • Private lap dance
However you wish your nuru massage served, we’re sure you won’t regret your choice. Don’t let us keep you any longer and book your procedure now!

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