Lap Dance To Go With Your Massage

An electrifying, seductive lap dance might be the perfect way to start your erotic massage. A lap dance is not limited to strip clubs, you can get one in our parlour that will be no less exciting! Let one of our girls show that she’s no worse a dancer than she is a masseuse!

What Does a Private Lap Dance Include?

It’s one of those things that you simply can’t miss out on! You’ve surely seen those sexy women giving lap dances in movies, or perhaps you’ve already visited a strip club where lap dances are performed. However, this lap dance will be done for your pleasure only, not in some crowded establishment, but in the perfect privacy of our massage room (or perhaps your home). 

The purpose of a lapdance is to make you feel excited and aroused before your massage begins so that the massage itself will feel more intense and satisfying. If that were not enough, there are also other extra services in our “arsenal” that can be utilized to the same effect, so be sure to give them a go as well!

As for the actual lap dance techniques, there are no hard rules and every girl might have her own way of doing it. Generally, you can expect moves such as

  • body rolls – the masseuse rolls her body against yours in a wave-like motion from shoulders to hips
  • figure eights (moving her hips in a motion resembling number 8)
  • and plenty of other seductive moves

This Czech Lapdance Can’t Be Separated From The Massage Proper

As we said, the lap dance is an introductory extra service to your main massage. That being said, which massage should that be? We can offer you the following…
Basic erotic massageDepending on your choice, this procedure can take from 30 to 120 minutes. As for the technique, the standard erotic massage is a full-body massage of the Swedish type, which is a guarantee of complete muscle relaxation. In addition, your erogenous zones will also be the centre of attention, don’t worry. Happy ending guaranteed.
Nuru massageThis is a massage everyone should try at least once. A body to body rubdown with Japanese roots, nuru is famous as a “sex without sex” massage, The feeling of intimacy and orgasmic finish certainly make this title well deserved. A unique nuru gel is used to minimize friction and maximize pleasure.
Paradise massageA special massage is offered by our parlour, this one is performed by two girls at the same time. As they start to work on your body in unison, you’ll see why this massage has got the word “Paradise” in the title.
Lesbi-show massageJust two girls having fun before they focus on your pleasure. If the sight of a hot lesbi-show sounds appealing, then don’t hesitate and book this one right away!
Refreshing summer massagePerfect for the hotter months of the year, this body to body massage with a slowly melting ice cube between your bodies will refresh and excite you at the same time.
BDSM massageIf you’ve been a bit naughty recently, then our mistress will set you straight again. Enjoy this massage with some lighter BDSM elements, suitable even for those who are not normally that kinky.
Deep massageA therapeutic sports massage in professional quality, which will relax every muscle in your body, topped off with some erotic stimulation.
Soap massageBody to body massage with plenty of soapy, bubbly fun is a decent alternative to the already mentioned nuru massage. Perhaps try one now and the other next time you visit?
Tantric massageAn intimate, mystical massage, which caters to the whole body using a range of approaches from bodywork both Eastern and Western.
Lingam massageA simplified tantric massage that is focused solely on the erogenous zones to provide maximum erotic pleasure.
Highway to ParadiseA 60-minute long body to body massage full of pleasure. In the end, you can climax between the masseuse’s breasts.
Mix massageA massage that can combine elements from all of the above, tailored to suit your desires.

These Hot Strippers Are Here To Please

Our lap dance ladies and masseuses are a sight to behold. From their finely sculpted bodies to pleasant, cheerful personalities, you’ll never get enough of them. Browse our gallery of masseuses, check their individual profiles and decide which one would be best to give you the lap dance performance of your life.
Remember that you can also order not just one, but two girls at once (some massages aren’t even possible to perform solo) to really get the most out of your visit to our parlour.

Nowhere Better To Get Your Cheap Lap Dances Than Our Parlor

We have everything you need to enjoy your lap dance and the subsequent massage in comfort and privacy. Spacious massage rooms, luxurious decor, hygiene facilities, refreshment, and more. Our parlour is located in Prague 1 city centre and easily reached by metro or tram (see our contacts for more details).

Also, if you convince 2 or more friends to get a massage as well, we can send a free erotic taxi your way to pick you up and bring you to our parlour. Let us know!

However, Cheap Lap Dances Near You Might Be Even Nearer Than You Think
That is if you order our outcall strippers service. Anywhere in Prague, our masseuses might come to visit and treat you to a private lap dance + a massage at your own home, or perhaps a hotel room – any place with enough comfort and privacy will do. If you’re interested, shoot us a message right now!

An Addition to Getting a Lap Dance, Don’t Forget There Are Other Extra Services For You!

We’re talking about:

You can book all of these together with your personal lap dance to take your pleasure to the limits. Give it a try!

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