Lesbian Massage

Even most straight men can’t resist the allure of watching two beautiful girls having some sensual fun together. And if you’re included in the fun, then that makes things even better! Indulge in a raunchy lesbian massage only the girls from our parlour can give you!

What Can You Expect From a Lesbian Massage

The beginning of this massage belongs to the girls. You relax and enjoy the sight as they get undressed and then have some fun together.
Once the initial stage is over, it’s time you get your due as well. The girls will perform an erotic massage of your choice on you - in unison. That means double the pleasure!
As if that wasn’t enough, there are more extra services that you can enjoy together with your massage!
The happy ending is a must - the girls will make sure you won’t leave unsatisfied…

Fancy a Japanese Lesbian Massage, or Some Other Massages On Our Menu That Interest You?

Each of our lesbian show massages consists of two parts – the initial lesbi show, followed by the massage proper. The lesbi show cannot be ordered separately from the main massages on our offer, as it is considered a bonus service.

Its purpose is to add some more pleasure to the main massage – you wouldn’t get much out of it as a standalone service anyway. Combined with either one of our erotic massages, however, it is heaven-sent.

A wholly unique combination can arise by adding a lesbian show to a tantric, nuru or classic erotic massages. Feel free to experiment…

Which Massages Can Be Combined With A Hot Lesbi Show?

Standard erotic massageThe classic of all classics. Full body massage, is no worse than the one regular massage therapists perform. In fact, even better – this one comes with a happy ending.
Paradise massageOur special massage consists of the best erotic massage techniques put together!
Relax massage.A full-body pleasure utilising various massage techniques to maximise your relaxation.
Tantra massageBoth meditative and sensual, this massage is marked by great intimacy and meticulous work with erotic energy.
Lingam massageA massage is quite similar to tantra, except focusing almost solely on the erogenous zones.
Japanese nuru massageA famous body to body massage. Using a slippery gel, the masseuses will slide all over your body, pressing and rubbing against you in a procedure closely imitating actual sex.
Deep massageProfessional sports massage with a happy ending. Perfect after a day of hard physical activity to relieve every muscle.
No matter which massage you decide to try, you can rest assured – in terms of both sheer relaxation and pleasure, you will not be missing anything. Book now.

Pick the Right Girls For Your Lesbian Sensual Massage

Of course, all of our professional masseuses are the right ones for the job. You’ll come to love them for their

Good looks. Beautiful faces and figures will get you far in an erotic massage business, and these girls have both.


Personality. Friendly, funny, down-to-earth, empathetic. If we’re talking about these girls, beauty is not only skin deep.


Love for their job. If erotic massage is an art, our masseuses are Michelangelos - only sexier. Skilled in all variants of sensual rubdowns. their hands will treat your body like a tapestry of pleasure.

These are the things that all of our professionals share. The question is – which one do you fancy to give you a lesbian massage of your life? You get to decide. Take a look at their gallery and choose.

Sensual Lesbian Massage Side Dishes For Real Pleasure Gourmets

Though you’re no doubt itching to get your massage rolling, don’t leave just yet. Not until you learn about our extra services. If you thought your rubdown couldn’t get any better, think again. Ordering one of the following can take your delight up a notch…
Prostate massageTherapeutic and insanely delightful. If you overcome an initial shyness and let the masseuses access your prostate, your pleasure will be unmatched.
Private danceA sexy lap dance meant to entice and arouse you. The girls will be happy to perform it in addition to their lesbi show.
FootjobIt’s not just the hands that ought to do all the work. Why not let the feet do their part in pleasuring you as well?
Tenga eggDeceptively small, extremely effective. This simple toy can greatly increase the pleasure you get from masturbation.

A Hearty Dose Of Pleasure Coming to Your Home

Bear in mind that you don’t necessarily have to visit our parlour for an erotic massage experience. Our outcall service enables you to book the company of two of our hot girls for a lesbian massage at your own home. This applies in Prague only. If you feel that this is exactly what you need, then what’s keeping you? Book an outcall massage right now!

A Few Final Words

We welcome everyone to our parlour – both new faces and regular guests are sure to get a warm welcome. However, please bear good manners and good hygiene in mind so that you remain a welcome guest!

We do not provide direct sex, so please refrain from asking for it. Do not visit our parlour drunk or under the influence of alcohol. Smoking is forbidden on the premises.

Our parlour is equipped with showers. Before your massage starts, you’ll be asked to take one. The good thing is that you can hop into the shower together with your masseuses!

Be courteous and a gentleman and the doors of our parlour will be always open for you!

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