Erotic massage for couples in Prague

Are you looking for an out-of-the box way to spice up your intimate life together with your partner?

Why not try a massage for couples?

Our erotic massage for two can not only relax you, but open up a whole new sexual perspective! Come and see for yourself!

A unique opportunity to deepen your relationship
Extra services available
Escort option
Individual approach

Standard date nights getting a bit too stale and boring? Two person erotic massage can make for a nice change! Oder one right now!

Why massage for couples?

There are many reasons to consider getting one. Some people may seek a new thrill. Others feel that their intimate life is not what it used to be. Other may just want to wind down and enjoy themselves together with their partner. Whatever it is, our erotic 4 hands massage is the ultimate solution! Our girls and guys can’t wait to get their hands on you!

We are tactful – your erotic massage for couples won't cross the boundaries

We respect the fact that you or your partner may not comfortable with everything. The erotic sphere is a delicate one and what might seem fine to one may be thoroughly refused by the other. Before your procedure starts, don’t be shy to say what’s ok with you and what isn’t. Some people may feel jealous at the sight of their partner being treated in such a sensual manner – though there’s really no need to feel that way, we’ll gladly tailor your experience to suit both of you just fine.

Beautiful, skilled, friendly and considerate – our masseuses and masseurs will tailor your experience according to your wishes. Don’t be afraid to lend yourself into their hands!

Pick your couple erotic massage from among the following:

Standard erotic

A wholesome relief for the whole body. The extreme care given to the erogenous zones adds a nice touch.


Japanese body to body massage that has captivated the world. Try it here!


Based on ancient Indian therapeutic art, this one serves the body and spirit in equal measure. Not only erotically, but also emotionally satisfying.


Not one, but two professionals will cater to each of you. Enjoy the magnitude of pleasure only four hands can bring.

Lesbi show

If you’d like to witness a bit of sexy lesbian action before your session, pick this one!

Refreshing summer

The coolest one – literally. Body to body with an ice cube between you.


Get ready for some tough love. Our professionals can be very friendly, but if you’ve been naughty, they won’t let it go unpunished.


 A thorough massage to relieve your tired muscles and top it with a happy ending.


Loads of erotic fun, coated in soapy foam. Thai-based treatment that won’t disappoint.

Highway to Paradise

Good news for men – you can climax between the masseuse’s breasts after an intense body to body treatment.


Try some more Far Eastern erotic techniques. Japan is an unlimited source of those.


The compilation of all the best that we’ve got in store. You’d be a fool to miss it!

Enjoying your couple massage? Erotic sensations that we can offer don't end there...

In addition to your basic rubdown, we’ve got a few more tricks up out sleeves. Care to try some of the extra services?

  • Erotic massage for two – extended by 1/2 an hour or more
  • Footjob
  • Lap dance
  • Prostate stimulation
  • High heels
  • Tenga egg

You can choose to get services at your home as well

Nothing easier. Order an outcall massage and our girls will be on their way. At the agreed time, you can expect them to knock at your door, ready to dispense pleasure. Order your erotic massage for two either directly to your home, or to a hotel room / office. We can visit you outside the Prague city limits as well, remember that!

Breathe a new life into your partnership! Treat yourself to a couple massage and you’ll be rewarded with an exciting experience – and who knows, perhaps you’ll try some of our tricks at home again!

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