Footjob in Prague

Perhaps you’re already hooked, perhaps you wish to try something new – whatever it is, our footjob won’t disappoint.

Once you’ll try it, you’ll crave some more!

  • Try something a bit out of the box
  • Give an outlet to your secret fantasies
  • Exciting and pleasurable
  • Orderable as an extra to each of our erotic massages

There’s no shame in getting a footjob

You can’t go wrong by choosing our service – and doubts, shame and trepidation should be the last things to prevent you from doing so. It’s perfectly normal to be attracted to beautiful feet, and there’s nothing wrong with desiring them to stimulate you in a sexual way. And you won’t find more beautiful legs than those of our masseuses and masseurs – that’s right, even some women an gays can be tempted to try this, and we’ll be happy to oblige!

How to get this procedure and what does it entail?

First, you have to order one of our rubdowns – this service is an extra, meaning it can’t be ordered separately. You have ample options to choose from, so don’t hesitate to check them out!

The thing itself is nothing too complicated – which doesn’t mean that it’s not great! Your therapist will usually start with it towards the end of your massage, but this can, of course, vary according to your wish. You can expect to be subjected to various pleasurable techniques, mostly utilising the soles, insteps and fingers of the feet, gently massaging your genitals and erogenous zones, or any other areas you wish.

You will be worked on up to the final orgasm, but the whole thing doesn’t have to stop after that. If you simply enjoy being stroked by feet, everything can continue further! Indulge in your desire as you see fit!

Who will massage you?