Gay massages

Our services are not limited to straight men clientele. Indeed, in our repertoire you’ll find services geared to women, and, of course, the gay massages.

We pride ourselves in being an open salon where everyone gets his share of pleasure! Other than that, we offer multiple benefits, which include:


Every day from 10 AM to 3PM, there’s a running discount on selected procedures.


Your treatment can meander in whichever course you decide to set – don’t be afraid to voice your wishes loud and clear!


Of course, there are times when you’ll find a direct visit to us slightly inconvenient. No problem – we’re ready to visit you instead!


There are many ways to spice up your erotic massages – some of them directly on our offer! Don’t miss out!

Are you in need of erotic relief? Do you wish to get rid of stress and do something for your health while you’re at it? Then order our erotic massage – the results will be worth it!

Take a peek at the list of gay massages we can provide


If you wish for a well-balanced rubdown that won’t disappoint, go for our standard. You can expect a full-blooded physiotherapeutic treatment with some proper erotic stimulation as well!


Nuru can treat you to an intensive climax, preceded by intimate, body to body action. There’s also the pleasant nuru gel that makes it all smooth as silk!


Is a special treat that only our parlour can provide – two masseurs at once will tend to your tired body with all their skill. Exquisite coconut oil will give your rubdown a nice flavour!


Perfect refreshment for a hot summer day – body to body rubdown with an ice cube between you to cool you down!


Are you into whips, leather, bondage and submissive play? If you are, this service should suit you just fine!


Professional sports therapy, aiming to achieve deep relaxation for all your muscles and joints. Erotic element plays, of course an important role too.


You will definitely enjoy this one – warm, soapy bath combined with a relieving and sensual massage will thoroughly energize every fibre of your being.


An intensive, hour-long body to body wonder which will make you feel like you’re in heaven!


It’s not all about nuru – there are more Japanese techniques in stock. Try some more of them!


More than just intense erotic experience – tantra is also about intimacy, emotional connection and sexual exploration as well!


An intensive stimulation of the penis and erogenous zones, which utilises a tantric approach.


A synthesis of all the best techniques we have at our disposal – you’ll find yourself in seventh heaven!

Massages for gays that come with some added value as well

Sometimes, you may simply want more form your sensual gay massage. Something… special. These extras are just what you need. Why not try for example:

Massage extension
Tenga egg

Massage gay or staight – either way, an extra sevice can be an unexpected – but pleasent – detour from the standard procedue. Order one and indulge in some extraordinay pleasure you won’t find anywhee else!

Our gay masseurs are thrilled to visit you!

We employ some truly superb masseuses and masseurs (though, in this case, you may be more interested in the latter) who won’t hesitate to drop by at your place if you’re currently unable to visit our salon personally!

You can simply order an escort by phone or an email, we’ll agree on the time and place and voilà – your desired therapist (or even two) will be there!

This service is not exclusively Prague based – we can even agree on a visit anywhere outside the city limits as well!

Gay massage in Prague and beyond, available to order in an instant? With us, nothing is impossible!

Do you want to bring friends along? We run a free erotic taxi to pick you up if you make an order for three or more people at once! Save yourselves a journey!

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