Lesbi show

A truly exciting spectacle that few men could refuse – we’re of course talking about our superb lesbi show.

While you’re at our salon, you should definitely give it a go, at the very least for the following reasons:


Come and enjoy our lesbo show! You don’t have to be just a passive spectator – you can actively partake in all the fun! An experience like this does not come often…

Lesbi show that won’t leave you indifferent…

If you’re one of those who like to watch two hot girls having a go at it and enjoying some sexy time together, then this is most definitely the right pick for you from all of our erotic massages!

Two of our masseuse of your choice will treat you to some truly unforgettable show that you’ll get to partake in as well!

This hot lesbo show is among the most exciting of our services and it would be foolish to miss out on it!

Lesbi show that won’t leave you indifferent…

If you’re wondering what exactly should you expect if you choose this treatment, then here is a quick overview of the whole thing for you:

Upon making a booking and visiting our parlour, you will be welcomed by a receptionist, who will introduce you to the girls – either you’ve already chosen them before, or you’ll get to choose now from those who are currently available.


You can strike up a conversation with the girls, state your wishes or your expectations and generally acquaint yourselves a bit so that you overcome the initial nervousness, if you feel any.


After that, you will be asked to shower, and your adventure might start already – if you wish so, you can jump right into the shower together with the girls, or go in alone if you wish for a little bit more privacy.


Once inside the massaging room, the real fun will start – you will lie on a comfortable bed and watch the girls unleash their sexuality in a raunchy game, during which they’ll play with each other, no holds barred.


You can do more than look – if you wish to join in the cuddling, you’re free to do so. But you can also just watch, knowing that very soon, the attention of our girls will turn to you.


At this point, you might find it hard to control your arousal, but it’s far from over – now you yourself will be the focus of the girls’ endeavour. Expect a massage like none other, performed not only professionally, but with raw erotic energy only our girls are capable of giving.


Everything will culminate in a fantastic orgasm, after which you will go home perfectly content and relaxed.

If you wish to know more about our place in general, here we answer the most frequently asked questions.

A brilliant lesbian show you can spice up even more

Ever considered getting one of our extra services to complement your massage? Without a doubt, these can be the real icing on the cake for your massage…

Massage duration extension
Prostate stimulation
Lap dance / private dance
High heel massage
Tenga eggs

Erotic show in Prague, available in an instant

Don’t forget that you always have the option of choosing our escort service if you’re currently unable to visit our parlour yourself. Whether at a hotel room or at your own home, you can enjoy your private lesbian show without having to go anywhere. Easy to order, available 24/7, this is truly the ideal option for the busy!

Do you have friends who would like to visit our parlour with you? If there’s 3 or more of you, we can send an erotic taxi your way to pick you up, free of charge! Make a good use of this option!

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