Lingam massage

  • Delightful, tantra-based treatment of the penis
  • Multiple positive effects on your health
  • Possibility to choose one of our extra services as well
  • Orderable as an escort option

A well-performed lingam massage is undoubtedly one of the best thing a man can treat himself to!

This tantra-like procedure caters almost exclusively to the penis, delivering pleasure you’d never think possible.

If you feel you’re up to it, then we’ll be more than glad to welcome you to our parlour!

Lingam massage – where eastern and western eroticism meet

Up to several dozen different stroke, touches and moves are involved in performing this wonderful, erotically-charged rubdown. The origins of the lingam procedure lie in the ancient Indian tantric system, which is famed for its positive attitude towards sexuality. Add to that some of the modern ideas of physiotherapy and sexual therapy, which had latched on to the eastern system in the last century, and you have a recipe for something truly extraordinary.

Do not be quick to disparage this procedure with terms like “handjob”. It is, in fact, slightly more complex than that. While the pure physical, erotic delight this rubdown can offer is undoubtedly great, there is an almost spiritual, meditative side to it, which is often neglected. You should consider that as well!

Not just a simple massage, lingam has a loving dimension as well

An important thing to point out about this rubdown is the fact that the mutual connection between the therapist and you is paramount for its success. There is an almost ritual-like aspect to it, which is understandable, considering its roots in Hindu mysticism. The word “lingam” means penis, but it is also often used to denote the cosmic male principle and fertile, creative power.

From this perspective, this procedure can be viewed as the ritual worship and honouring of this divine male principle. It is provided by the “giver” to the “taker”, meaning by the masseuse to you. The unconditional acceptance of pleasure and surrendering to the skill of your therapist, the letting go of everything and simply accepting a loving care of another human being – this is a completely different kind of delight than the physical one. And, potentially, even more powerful.

There’s no penis massage like the one provided by our girls

…and no better place to experience it than our parlour. It is truly an oasis of pleasure and relaxation inside an otherwise busy city, where no stress and anxiety could withstand the bliss of our massages. We have no doubt you will come love its inimitable atmosphere, comfy furnishing, equipment and decorations, the mysterious lighting and aromatic scents… We could go on, but none of this would matter were it not for those who really make the magic happen. We’re talking of course about our brilliant girls.

Far from being simple eye candies, they are also tremendously skilled, not to mention friendly, caring and supportive. You won’t find anyone more fit to introduce you to the enticing world of lingam than these girls!

While every single one of them is more than suitable to the task, this kind of massage needs a certain spark to fly between the giver and the taker, so make sure to choose very carefully who will be the one to deliver. The temporary connection you form during the massage is instrumental to its success.

If you’ve familiarised yourself with tantra, lingam will feel somewhat similar

Almost everything we’ve said about this procedure would apply to the tantric rubdown as well. No wonder – lingam is, in fact, a kind of a shortened tantra. And it proceeds very similarly.

  • After you’ve picked your therapist, a warm shower awaits you, which you can go in together, if that is your wish.
  • A correct breathing is an important to maintain throughout the whole procedure so as to maximise its impact. You will be quickly taught the basics of tantric healing before things go forward.
  • Some basic strokes and kneads to relax the body as a whole will be done first, so that you can enjoy the rest of the procedure properly.
  • After that, all the attention will be turned to the erogenous zones exclusively. There are dozens of different strokes and touches involved in this procedure, which, when combined, feel insanely pleasurable!
  • You can expect to experience an intensive orgasm due to the so-called “edging” technique. Edging consists of heightening arousal almost up to the climax many times over, with the purpose of increasing the levels of sexual energy before finally releasing it in a long-lasting orgasmic wave.
  • After everything is done, a final shower awaits. You should feel highly energised and in an elevated mood by now – courtesy of our establishment.

At our salon, massage like lingam can come with and extra twist!

  • Prostate stimulation
  • Massage extension
  • Lap dance
  • Footjob
  • Lesbi show
  • Tenga eggs

These are the extra services you can enhance your massage with. If you’re feeling adventurous, then you should most certainly give them a try!

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