Lingam massage

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ and the translation of the word refers to a pillar of light. In Tantra the Lingam is honoured and respected as it is a channel for sexual energy and pleasure. The process of a Lingam Massage is designed to combine feelings of well-being with deep relaxation. It is a perfect tool to relieve you stress and tension of weekdays, to relax your body and mind, moreover, it is also a top exciting experience. The intimacy of the moments spent with the beautiful, sexy masseuse is something that is worth living.

So if you are looking for an unforgettable multiple orgasmic experience, you’ve come to the right place. The lingam massage involves not only massaging and stroking the penis but can also incorporate more advanced techniques, including the testicles, perineum, and the prostate as well (if you want to).

First you can have a very pleasant shower with the masseuses, where you can see and touch all of her beautiful body. Then you will move to the bed where the massage starts. Relax and enjoy the gentle touches of your sexy young masseuse. Do not be afraid to return the masseuse her pleasant touches by stroking or pampering her, thus further increasing your excitement. The Paradise Massage salon is based on first-class service quality, beautiful and immensely professional masseuses, individual approach to customers and their requirements, and a wide range of great erotic massages. So don’t hesitate and make a reservation to find your own paradise.

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