Relaxed Massage

Stress, overwork, anxiety – all these things seem to keep us constant company these days. To lighten the burden somewhat, our parlour can offer you a unique opportunity to indulge in a relaxed massage. This procedure, devised to grant you relief in both the physical and erotic sphere, is one of the procedures we pride ourselves in the most.

  • A holistic approach to you muscular and skeletal system
  • A wide range of techniques inspired by both Western and Eastern bodywork
  • Various benefits for your body, including improved blood flow and strengthened immunity
  • Positively boosts the mood and reduces stress
  • And of course, an exciting erotic stimulation culminating in a happy ending to complete the package

What Makes Our Relaxed Massage Special?

In a way, every massage should relax you, isn't that right? It most certainly is, and you can kick back with every other type of massage on our offer as well. But this one is designed a bit differently.

The relax massage is based on a "softer" approach than some of the more physically demanding ones (think deep tissue or Thai rubdowns, for example). It also requires remarkably little of you – not much changing of positions or any such things – just laying down and, well, relaxing.

We take great care in not applying too much force or pressure, but nevertheless aim to reach even the deeper tissue of your muscles. For that, we apply a methodical approach, consisting of a variety of strokes and kneads borrowed from both western, so-called "Swedish" therapy, as well as from Asian medicine and bodywork, such as Shiatsu, tantra massage, and others.

And, Of Course, Our Relaxed Massage in Prague Can't Go Without that One Thing…

Treating the body is one thing, but it's a well-known fact how an erotic satisfaction can greatly contribute to our feelings of contentment and relaxation. Well, since we're an erotic massage parlour, we won't shy away from providing you with this sort of relief too!

Don't expect us to rush it, though – we want you to take your time, and will tailor the erotic stimulation in such a way that it you won't get to climax until the very end. The skilled hands of our girls will take you on a pleasing, teasing and exciting journey, that is no less important than its destination. We take it slow and sensual, and hope you'll grow to like it our way.

Also don't Lose Track of All of Our Extras You Can Improve Your Massage With!

While the primary aim of this treatment is to relax you, who says you can't add some excitement to it? For this very purpose, we're offering our extra services. You can try:

  • Extending your massage by 30 minutes or more
  • Tenga eggs – Japanese masturbation toys
  • Private lap dance just for you
  • High heel massage
  • Footjob
  • Prostate massage

Relax in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Is our salon too far away for you liking? Or is your schedule too packed so that you can't make the visit yourselves? All is not yet lost – our escort service will see to it that you too can get your pleasure wherever you are in the whole of Prague! Available at all times, every day – if you fancy a massage at 4 AM, we can make it happen!

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