More popular questions from you

More popular questions from you

1. Hello, who works today?

At our page you can always see who works exactly right now and also schedules for all week. Schedules for months are not possible.

2. Should I make reservations or can I just walk in?

Sometimes we have some free space, but it’s better to make reservation. For us too.

3. I’m in traffic can I come later?

We will wait 15 min.  If you’ll come later, it’s not sure, that there will be free time for your massage.

4. Can I choose a lady in my reservation?

You always have a choice - choose your type of masseuse on the page or come and choose from all available ladies (5-7 ladies during the schedules)

5. Are you open non-stop?

Our opening time is from 10:00 to 02:00 and during the day we change masseuses

6. We are 6 guys, can we come at the same time?

We have only 4 separate rooms. But we can send our girls to your hotel /apartment.

7. Do you offer sex penetration, oral, blowjob, strarpoon in BDSM practice or swingers party like extra service?

NO! We are legal massage salon with long tradition and more than 1 000 000 satisfied clients. We don’t offer service like this

8. Can you offer me some discount?

Our happy hour is from 10:00 to 15:00. It’s only 1300czk for 1 hour of erotic massage and 1800czk for nuru, for our steady clients we have discount card for 20% off.

9. We are 3 guys. Will you send us driver to pick us up from our hotel?

Yes, if you are 3, we will kindly send you our driver to pick up for free. And when our driver is busy. You can order Uber or +420251251251 and we will pay you this money back (we not offer dropping back)

10. Do you take credit card, dollar, euro?

Yes, we take all type of cash and card payment (100 fee will be up in price calculated) Check our pricelist!