Naked dance

There’s no better prelude to either of our erotic massages than the naked dance.

This service will make you feel like a king as one of our girls puts on a naked, private lap dance show you can feast your eyes upon.

An exciting bonus service, orderable only together with one of our massages
Sensually riveting intro to the main procedure that will whip up your arousal
Can be combined together with more extra services

Don’t miss out on the exciting opportunity of experiencing a naced lap dance! It is a missing puzzle piece to a complete delight. Give it a go!

The naked dance as you know it from movies, now made a reality

We’ve probably all seen those raunchy movie scenes with hot girls dancing and rubbing against the protagonist’s lap in dodgy strip clubs or other erotic establishments. Well, now you get to be the protagonist, and one of our girls will play her respective part in treating you to a sexy performance.

All in the pleasant, safe and clean environment of our parlour, with no dodgy stuff involved!

A hot dance as an introduction to your nudist massage

This service cannot be ordered separately from one of our erotic massages – but that’s in no way a downside! Indeed, it wouldn’t even work as well without a segue into the erotic massage proper. You think we’d build up your excitement for nothing?

Because that is the very purpose of this service – to get your blood pumping and you aroused and eager for what will come next. After all, who could resist the allure of a nude, beautiful girl performing an entrancing dance in front of you, and then proceeding to rub her perfect body against your lap? And who, after that, wouldn’t want more?

A naked massage will conclude what the dance had started

Once the dance has reached its peak, then is the time for the erotic massage to take over the reins, since that is the main purpose of our parlour – and of your visit as well. There is a huge variety of sensual rubdowns to enjoy, and you can choose from:
Classical erotic.A conservative full body physiotherapy, given a new twist in the form of a happy ending.
Nuru.A body to body erotic Japanese massage, using a slippery gel to ease friction. Extremely arousing and pleasurable!
Tantra.A highly personal, intimate treatment that caters to the whole body, but is also incredibly soothing to the mind.
Lingam. Employing similar techniques to tantra, this rubdown is concentrated mainly on pleasuring the penis and the erogenous zones instead of the whole body.
BDSM.A bit rougher than the rest of our treatments, you can look forward to experiencing some soft BDSM elements in this one. Nevertheless, it is still perfectly enjoyable even to those without this fetish.
Lomi lomi.“Gentle hands” is the name they gave this massage on Hawaii, where it originated from. And it’s not hard to see why. Try this rejuvenating, exotic procedure, and you won’t be disappointed!

This rubdown is concentrated mainly on pleasuring the penis and the erogenous zones instead of the whole body.

Relaxation.The primary purpose of this treatment is a wholesome relaxation. Though there is an erotic aspect to it, the goal is to treat the body as a whole equally.
Paradise.During this treatment, you will be tended to by two therapists instead of one! You might consider this massage our speciality.

Remember, the dance is not the only one of our extra services. Try a footjob or a prostate massage – or all of three at once! It’s all posible here!

Get your Prague nude fun in a place it was meant to be done

That place is none other than our wonderful parlour. Located in the very centre of Prague, you wouldn’t guess you’re in a middle of a busy metropolis once the doors close behind you. Let yourselves be entranced by the unique atmosphere, tasty décor and hygienic facilities. All designed to improve your experience and make it truly memorable. But it’s not just the premises themselves – the main attractions here are the beautiful girls making up our staff…

Our naked Prague artists will definitely captivate you

You have a wonderful cast of dream girls to pick from for both your lap dance and the subsequent massage. You will find out that not only are they great erotic dance performers and skilled massage providers, but also that they are simply fun to be around!

There’s no coincidence, really – only the best erotic masseuses make it to our salon, in terms of both appearance, qualifications and personality. But words will not do justice here – you must come and see for yourselves!

Remember, you can enjoy the company of our naked girls in Prague as a whole!

Whenever you don’t get the chance to enjoy your lap dance and massage at our place, do not despair yet! There’s an alternative solution called the escort service! Indeed, you don’t have to go to us to enjoy a the naked dance and a rubdown from one of our girls.

Instead, you needn’t do more than picking up a phone and giving us a call! We can visit you 24/7 anywhere in Prague at your own place on a short notice – whenever it is convenient for you, it’s most likely to be convenient to us as well, except on the most busy of days…

Is one girl is simply not enough to satisfy? You can go for two at once! A four-hand treatment is simply unsurpassable, as you will find out!

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