Erotic Massage Price

Wholesome relaxing experience, a boost to your libido, a surge of erotic energy, and something to remember for the rest of your life. For an erotic massage price, you’ll get all of that – and perhaps more. Delve into our massage offer and select a rubdown to your liking – and don’t forget to come back for more!

How Much Does A Nuru Massage Cost? Check Out Our Pricing To Find Out!

Nuru massage 30 min – 1300 Kč
Nuru massage 60 min – 1800 Kč
Erotic massage 30 min – 1400 Kč
Erotic massage 60 min – 1800 Kč
Erotic massage 90 min – 2500 Kč
Pussycat massage 30 min – 1900 Kč
Pussycat massage 60 min – 2400 Kč
Nuru massage 60 min – 2000 Kč
Nuru massage 90 min – 3000 Kč
Paradise massage 60 min – 3000 Kč / two masseuses
Massage for couples 60 min – 1500 Kč / per person
Escort massage 60 min – 2900 Kč (included transport / taxi)
Lesbi show 60 min – 3900 Kč
BDSM massage 60 min – 2400 CZK
Deep massage 40 min – professional sport massage 1500 CZK
Soap massage 60 min – 1800 CZK
Lingam massage 21 touches of pleasure 30 min – 1600 CZK
Highway to paradise 60 min body to body massage including climax between breast 2200 CZK
Tantric massage 120 min – 3000 CZK
Mix massage 60 min – 2500 CZK
EXTRA SERVICES (Not all masseuses offer)
Prostate massage 15 min – 500 CZK
Private dance 10 min – 1000 CZK
Foot job 15 min – 500 CZK
Tenga egg 15 min – 500 CZK
Footjob free
Lava stones 15 min – 500 CZK
Autoerotic 15 min – 500 CZK
Piss 15 min – 500 CZK
Foot fetish 15 min – 500 CZK

The prices of erotic massages differ because of many factors, the main one being time – some rubdowns take longer to complete than others, and you can even choose a longer version of the same massage.

There are massages which are also more difficult to perform, which will also be reflected in their pricing. Massages such as nuru, for example, require a bit of preparation, the use of special seaweed gel, protective sheets for the bed, etc. – as a result, their price might be ‌higher, but don’t let that dissuade you from the fun. They’re more than worth it.

Remember, we also offer a bit more costly, but extremely enjoyable four-handed versions of our massages. If the idea of two beauties tending to your body in unison sounds appealing, then don’t be shy to ask for a double rubdown!

From time to time, we also spice up our offer with fresh, limited events, discounts and other interesting deals that you’d regret missing. So be sure to check out us regularly!

For an Erotic Massage Price, You Will Get


An unforgettable time 
We bring you a massage experience unlike any other, guaranteeing a full-body relief with a happy ending

02.A boost to your overall health Erotic massages have plenty of health benefits, ranging from improved mobility and pain relief to an increased libido

A pleasant company 
You will have undivided attention and care of a beautiful masseuse of your choice


And perhaps a free ride?
We can send a free erotic taxi to take you to our parlour if you bring at least 2 friends with you!

Your Nuru Massage Cost Is Lower During Our Happy Hours!

Every day between 10 AM and 3 PM, our parlour offers a Happy Hour discount. During this time, you can enjoy a nuru treatment in its 30 or 60 minute variant for a reduced price. If you have a few moments to spare, ‌pay us a Happy Hour visit, or book in advance! 

Extra Services Add to Your Classic Or Nuru Massage Prices, But They’re Worth It

The massages on our offer are perfectly complemented by the addition of our bonus services. These can add to their intensity, satisfy your secret desires, or properly entice and arouse you before the massage begins. Why not consider:
Prostate massage
Stimulation of the prostate gland is equally healthy and pleasing. It can result in a surge of intense pleasure, which can easily match the pleasure brought about by an orgasm.

Foot job

Foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes among men, and this service can help you satisfy it. Our masseuses can put their feet to good use for your enjoyment!
Private dance
Steamy lap dance is a sure way to fire you up at the beginning of your massage. Try this arousing little extra service - you won’t regret it!

Tenga egg

Little egg, great pleasure. This small toy is designed to enhance the pleasurable feeling from masturbation, and it does exactly that.

Plenty of massages with different approaches, but always a single result – pure pleasure and relaxation for both body and mind. Come find out what our rubdowns can do! 

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