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A place to shrug off your worries, to let your body get the rest it deserves, and to treat yourselves to an erotic delight unlike any other. Welcome to our tantra spa.

  • A carefully constructed erotic massage parlour for you to enjoy your tantric adventures in
  • A dream team of gorgeous and professional therapists ready to cater to your every whim
  • We offer tantra-based erotic treatments, providing profound relief and calming the mind
  • Our escort service enables us to visit you at the place you choose – you don’t have to budge an inch
  • Multiple bonus services, with which you can diversify your enjoyment

Tantra Spa Where You Can Truly Wind Down

Allow us to take you on a tour through our parlour, where your delight will take place. Tastefully decorated, well-furnished and spacious rooms for pleasure, communal space for relaxation, showers for hygiene, everything to be loved! We pride ourselves in creating the most positive, welcoming space our clients can enjoy some of the most excellent sensual massages in. But the true heart-warming moment is meeting our gorgeous and friendly masseuses, who will be your companions in the sensual moments to follow…


What do We Provide at Our Tantra Spa in Prague?

There are few treatments that could match the power of the tantra massage. Most of us, without even realising it, are in dire need of bodily relaxation that would give due attention to our every muscle. And in an even direr need of stress relief and loving care that would wash away the emotional debris of our rushed, daily lives.

Well, there’s no better way to do all of that than this excellent rubdown, which combines ancient tantric principles with modern sexology and psychotherapeutic approaches. This is what we provide!

In a Rush? Try Our Lingam Spa!

Sometimes, you might not have the proper time to enjoy the proper, full-body procedure. Nevertheless, the sphere of tantric enjoyment is not yet closed to you! The lingam treatment is centred primarily on genital stimulation, omitting the other aspects present in the full tantra. It is a shorter, yet absolutely worthwhile treatment for those who are in too much of a rush to treat themselves to the complete thing.

Carefully Make Your Pick from Our Prague Tantra Spa Therapists

For this procedure to take its full effect, there has to be a personal spark between the “giver” and the “taker”. For that reason, it is important for you to pick one of our therapists that seems to be the cutest to you.

But don’t rely on visual cues only! Strike up a little chat if you think there could be a connection and to confirm you’ve made a right choice! If you feel you haven’t, there will usually be more of our girls around, so don’t worry about being stuck with just one!

Make a good choice, but don’t fret too much – all of our massesuses are a great choice anyway!

Turn Your Own Home into a Personal Tantric / Lingam Spa!

Indeed, our escort service allows for precisely that! Contact us if you’d like to get the massage at your own place and we’ll arrange things accordingly. Anywhere in Prague, we’re happy to serve!