Erotic Thai Massage

If done the right way, an erotic Thai massage can get both your body and mind in working order – and you’ll have incredibly pleasurable fun as it does that.

We warmly invite you to get a taste of this treatment at our parlour, and join the cohorts of satisfied customers who’ve tried this one before you!

Erotic Thai Massage and the Reasons to Make it Your choice

Boasting a long-spanning, impressive tradition, the Thai treatment has certainly deserved its accolades and does rightful place among the top Asian rubdowns out there, alongside the nuru and tantric treatments.

And we dare say that it’s our version of it where it truly reaches its proper zenith, with the addition of erotic stimulation on top of the regular, therapeutic side. And, as a results, the benefits this massage has to offer are more numerous as well:

Immense physiotherapeutic potential for pain relief in muscles and joints
Energy boost thanks to the sped up blood flow, which enables for a more efficient nutrient distribution and improves the function of your organs
Huge stress reduction and mood improvement, resulting from both its relaxing and erotic properties
Tremendous erotic satisfaction from being sensually tended to by one or more of our beautiful masseuses
Help in combating low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and a wide range of sexually-related problems and traumas

Give yourselves an exotic treat in the form of a sensual Thai massage, with all the benefits of the regular one, coated an erotic indulgence!

Thai Massage in Prague Done Differently

We know the broader centre of Prague is teeming with parlours offering Thai massages. So what do we do differently to make you choose us? Well, there’s plenty of reasons for that and it does not have to be just the obvious one – the introduction of “happy ending” into the mix.

Take our therapists themselves, for example – carefully selected for their physical beauty on the one hand, but also for their friendly and pleasant character on the other, these girls will most definitely charm you!

Then there’s their skill, which goes far beyond a Thai massage. These therapists have mastered many different treatments and are open to giving yours a cheeky sensual twist, incorporating unusual elements to magnify your pleasure! Just lend yourselves to their skill and see!

Exhaust the possibilites of pleasure. You may think you know it all, but you hanen’t – not until you’ve tried our Thai massage!

Having a Thai Oil Massage Is an Unusual Request, but not an Impossible One

While normally, Thai massage is performed with both the client and the therapist lightly clothed, which preclude the use of oil, our version can be slightly different in this regard. Since both the client and the therapist will be naked here, oil can and will be used to reduce the friction from the mutual contact in the later stages of the massage. Feeling excited already?

Be it a Thai Massage or Tantra, You shouldn’t Miss Out on the Extras Either!

If you’d like to improve upon your treatment even further, then we have just the means to do that! Try our bonus services to give your Thai pleasure an extraordinary twist! These are the:
Prostate stimulation
Massage extension by 30 minutes
Lap dance
High heels
Tenga egg

Thai Massage with Hand Release Near You? Why Not Right at Your Place?

We run an escort service, which enables you to order and enjoy this service right at your home, or at your office or hotel room. For simply paying our therapist’s transportation costs, you can treat yourselves to the wonders of this massage in the reassuring environment of your place. If you feel this is the right option for you, then you should absolutely give it a go!

Just provide us with the necessary details – your name, address, chosen masseuse, any optional services you’d like to indulge in and the time that would suit you the best.

When that is settled, you can relax and expect our therapist to knock on your door at the specified time!

Having a Thai Oil Massage Is an Unusual Request, but not an Impossible One

Heavily influenced by yoga, the Thai treatment demands that the client doesn’t just lay down and relax, but requires active participation on your part, as you’ll be often asked to change positions.
There will also be gentler moments, more resembling the traditional type of massage, focusing more on the individual muscles that on the whole body.
Sometimes, though, some postures might be too hard for you to achieve. In that case, it’s not the point to violently force it. Just say the word and the therapist will try something else with you.
Assuming some of these yoga-inspired positions may be difficult, and that’s what your therapist is here for. Using a variety of moves and pressures applied not just by hand, but eventually also by the whole arms and legs, she will push you into the desired posture. There may be a bit of joint crunching, and that is perfectly fine.
And finally, the thing you’re probably looking forward to the most – the erotic finale. Slow and sensual manual stimulation of your genitals and erogenous zones, building up to an intense orgasm – well, that is what makes our Thai massage erotic!

Give our bonus services a shot! There’s more pleasure and excitement to be had that you’d think!

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