How to give an erotic massage

How to give an erotic massage

Mood and place

Both of you must feel comfortable so find some warm and comfy place at home. You can light some candles and turn on relaxation music. Also you should turn off your phone, television etc. Then the one who is getting the massage can lay down.

Massage oil

Make sure that you have a lot of massage oil by your hand. Thanks to oil, your hands will gently slide on your partner’s body so the massage will be more satisfying. You can also use some massage candles, there are for example apple and cinnamon scent, vanilla, chocolate or an aphrodisiac scent to stimulate libido.

Use oil the right way

Apply it on your hands first, then you can put it on your partner’s body. Don’t forget that for the lap massage you can’t use massage oil, because the oil can harm sensitive areas. You must use a lubricant gel or you can get a massage and lubricant gel in one.


Communication between the two actors is very important. If you are in the receiving position, give the masseur the opportunity to see if he is doing well! And if he does something wrong, put your hand where you want it, press it as you wish. These gestures will show him the right path

Where to start?

Move your hands in circles on both sides of his/hers back and lower part of back. Also use your forearm and slowly rub one buttock after the other. Don’t forget to add oil!

Legs and feet

Gently grab the ankle and massage the heel and feet with your thumb in circles. Also gently pull all of the fingers.


Let you partner lay on his stomach and massage his/hers shoulders and neck.

Head and face

Put a little bit of massage oil on your fingertips and massage sides of head and ear lobes.


It depends on sensitivity of breasts so be very gently and star massaging breasts and area around them in circles.


Prepare the lubricant. It's sensitive to soft touches, so it also needs a sensitive approach. Movements should be soft and soft, combined with clitoral stimulation. Or whatever you want. At this stage, it is enough to indicate and show, don’t you think?

Or you can come to our salon and we will show you how to do it right!